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What is TAE BO®?

Tae Bo is a program that combines the best variety of different exercise disciplines to provide

an overall workout.  Tae Bo is the combination of self-awareness and the control of martial arts,

the focus and strength of boxing, and the grace and rhythm of dance. 


The word "Tae" means "foot and leg" in the Korean language, due to the movements that

emphasize the lower body.


"Bo" is shortened from the word "box".

All the letters of "Tae Bo " have an important meaning because they are significant to the

essential demands of "Tae Bo ".


T represents total commitment to whatever you do

A represents awareness of yourself and the world

E represents excellence, the truest goal in anything you do

B represents the body as a force for total change

O represents obedience to your will and your truest desire for change


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